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Founded gift in 2010 with a vision to make contemporary Indian cinema.

Apart from working with the known names of the Indian Film industry, they have chosen to further increase the dynamism of their movies by collaborating with the best in the international field of filmmaking. From cinematographers to top of the line-celebrated technicians, Gift uses their enterprising nature to provide global levels of cinema for the Indian viewers.

Always looking towards the future, Gift is determined to enrich the Film and TV industry by producing and making a well quality and content programs for the viewers.


Great India Film Television (GIFT) – Having started out modestly ten years ago, today Gift is considered iconic in changing the sensibilities of Indian viewers. Gift has been pushing the boundaries of reel entertainment ever since .


Manoj Bhagwan Pandya
Director of GIFT

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 Manoj Bhagwan Pandya – known as M. Pandya, Born in 1966 to prolific Indian musician, Shri Bhagwanji Pandya , Manoj was raised in an environment where creativity and originality of thought were encouraged.

 Manoj Bhagwan Pandya
(GIFT)Great India Film Television


Manoj started as an independent director with regional movies.. He directed Punjabi, Haryanvi and Rajasthani movies.

Manoj directed many hindi movies one of named ‘Mrityu – The truth’ which was appreciated in National Film Award.

He say, “Life becomes interesting when there is a possibility of a dream to become true” It helped him start GIFT with a vision of to help, support & inspire the new talent to realize their long awaited dreams.

Currently Manoj is also designing few movie projects like..